Through my site, I want to urge everyone to have a balanced approach towards your eating habits and physical activity

To break free from a lot of myths pertaining to Diet .

To refrain from depriving yourself totally from eating what you love.

To help people understand the fact that tasty food need not necessarily need a backing of huge amounts of Oil, Butter, Margarine, cheese etc..

To motivate my patients and clients to the best of my abilities

To modify and plan diets as per individual choices and preferen es and as per individual schedules and convinience.

To strongly help my patients to get to their normal medical blood parameters through my Diet plans which are therapeutic and nutritionally basic and simple just from your kitchen shelf.

Do not take it as a punishment or a Do or Die situation wherein you are striving for a short term goal to-

A. Acheive your perfect weight
B. Targetting to get to the normal levels of each parameters of blood.


Both required ,BUT ,with peace, stability and the right balance .

Finally, if you have achieved the above mentioned , Please do not be complacent to stop it here... It's an ongoing process just like our daily chores.

Being Healthy and Fit,, in a nutshell is all about having a holistic approach towards Mind, Body and Soul.



Disclaimer : *Clients following this program on average loose 1 - 2 kgs per week. Restrictions apply. Results may vary from person to person