"My name is Rebecca Dsouza. I was feeling heaviness in my body and gaining weight for no reason. Also had swelling and palpitation. Then I started following the diet chart given to me by Priya Nair, and my life became much more easier. Within 1 week I am feeling much lighter, and my sweating has also reduced a lot. My palpitation has become less as well. All credit goes to her. I am now hoping to see myself just the way I was 20 years ago, in the next 2 months..just as assured by her." 


"My name is
Vijay Kumar Moolath. I am 62 years old and am seriously overweight and also have very high triglycerides level. I met Dietician Priya Nair about three weeks back as advised by my family doctor Dr Ramkumar Murthy. Ms Nair advised a regimen of controlled diet in-take and physical exercises. I have complied about 90% diet plan, but have not yet started on the exercise part. After two weeks of diet, my weight has come down from 105 kgs to 101 kgs. That is quite an incentive to stick with the diet plan plus exercise. My goal is to 90 kgs by mid Dec 2014 and 75 kgs by mid December 2015."
Dear Dr. Nair,
I thank you for your consultancy and guidance in respect of my 10 year old son Master. Aadi Ravichandran, whom I had brought to you for your advice as to how to check on his obesity. I am glad to share with you that your prescription / diet plan, which was so simple and easy to follow, has gone a long way in bringing about the desired results in a short span of time. Now, he has not only reduced his weight in line with the expectations but also feels more energetic / active. Thus, the best part is that the child never feels under nourished even though the intake, in terms of quantity, is quite reduced. Further, he has also taken a liking towards wholesome and healthy food which, again, is a welcome change.

Overall, I am very happy with the way that you had guided my son, in whom, I now see a sea of change.

Please accept my sincere thanks for your guidance.

With best wishes,

Jyoti Ravichandran
Dibyendu dutta, CEO in MNC

I had uric acid (gout), Thyroid problems past few years and was on medications. I was wanting to get rid of these with Diet alone.Fortunately I visited Priya Nair and just within a span of 1 month, all my levels came back to normal. I reduced my weight by 2 kilos in 21 days. I got an amazing feedback from family and friends. I feel fit and more active. I have stopped taking my thyroid drugs after starting her Diet plans and the added nutritional tips that she has given with a proper timely follow up, examination and counselling, I am very happy and satisfied with her Diet prescriptions and recommend people with weight and health complications to visit her.


Following is my Medical report Before and After Priya's diet plan...

URIC ACID 6.5 5.3
LDL. 129 77
HDL. 51 57
LDL/HDL. 2.53 1.35
TC/HDL. 3.94 2.75
TSH. 2.17 3.32

Hi.I am Amanda.I have a mentally strenuous but physically sedentary banking job. My eating schedules had gone Topsy-Turvy, since had to rush early mornings and return late evenings. As a result, ended up eating lot of junk and put on terribly. Luckily, a friend of mine suggested me to visit Priya Nair ( my Indian Dietician,Fit n Fine).

She modified my whole eating pattern for good. I loved the way she gave me good alternative options in general food as well as my local food. I lost 8 kgs in 2 months time. I follow her plans till date and try my best to put up with it. Miss her in Africa..

kudos Priya!
Mrs Thadani,65,housewife and Business woman

I was overweight since long. Being a socialite since ages, I could not avoid rich cuisines etc.but, I gradually started experiencing pain and inflammation in my knees and had difficulty walking. I was a bit depressed because there came a time when I had to forego many parties and get togethers. I happened to consult Priya who gave me a good Diet plan and suggested foods helpful to heal my inflammation. I started feeling lighter and better as regards to my pain. I followed her plans strictly for a while and started feeling much better. She gave lot of options where I could socialize too and not compromise on much.I am very happy with the results
God bless her.
Nadine Hayek, 32, House wife

Hi, I am a homemaker, mother of 2 kids. I started gaining weight post my 2nd  pregnancy. I had thyroid issues too. I had been suggested by my doctor to consult Mrs.Priya Nair, which I did,thankfully.. Priya helped me with a lovely diet plan which suited me well.. I didn't feel I am on a diet at all.. I was eating well, healthy and still managing to shed my flab. She told me about a lot of exercises and also yoga, which I found really amazing.. As on today,people who don't know me are surprised when I say I have 2 children. I love their expressions.. remember Priya (Ria) then..feels great..  :)
Elizabeth Nunes, 55 yes, Sec to GM (Canara Bank)

I had been on Priya's diet way back in 2008. Its worked pretty well for me. I lost 3-4 kgs in 1 month.Since then, I have tried my best to stick to it. Though my erratic schedules and high pressure work atmosphere doesn't allow me to, always. I have to be extra careful about my eating habits whenever there's corporate lunches or dinners, which is always a lavish spread.. But I also know that even if I have reloaded some extra calories,,,,there's always my beautiful and amazing Dietician for rescue..

Thanks Priya
Kathy Sanchez,26,social worker

Hi,this is Kathy Sanchez originally from the U.K, though keep globe trotting due to my work culture. I got in touch with Priya a few years ago at an event. Fixed up a meeting with her, so as to get an idea of what to eat to stay healthy. Since I travel a lot, used to just pick up junk food and sip on beverages each hour. I felt my energy levels going down at my age. I took my own diet medications with a lot of help from the internet and magazines,,which I actually realized is generalized. To get an appropriate diet plan for me was on my priority and Priya worked on it. Wow, she's actually guided me to pick up healthy stuff from various places during traveling. Wasn't easy though for her to convince a headstrong client like me.. but she did it.. I enjoy jogging and cycling and she still keeps checking out if I am regular with it. I feel active and fit.

Thanks Priya.you have been kind and indeed convincing!
Chris P, Marketing Professional, 45

Hi. I am a diabetic and hypertensive patient. Ms.Priya Nair evaluated my condition and suggested the needful modifications to be done right from my Breakfast to Dinner. She's helped my wife with some quick healthy salads and recipes, helping me to be less a foodie as compared to what I have been over the years. My blood pressure is in control now and glad to get my blood sugar back to the normal range. I try to follow her maintainence chart to keep my levels sustained.

Good luck Priya!
Mr Santosh Abraham, for his mother Sara Abraham, 86 yrs

Hello. My mother has been a diabetic past 15 years.she had a leg operation done few years ago. She has been on Priya's Diet ever since she had been diagnosed for sugar. Priya has given her timely assistance till date. Mom is dedicatedly following her chart and always make sure that her blood sugar reports are normal.

Keep up the good work Priya.
Dr.Zainaab Shinkafi, MD, Medicaid, Africa

Priya Nair, Consulting Dietician and Nutritionist at my diagnostic centre for 3 years, has been the most favourite and likeable Indian Dietician. She has been consistent in counselling all the patients visiting her for dietary advice. She has also researched on the local African foods and cuisines to understand their nutritional parameters so as to give the required information to her patients. I wish her the best and would love to have her back here.

Dr.Zainaab Shinkaafi
Shruti Menon

I have been having trouble with my skin and suffer from acute allergies that affect my skin.

The diet plan that I have followed has significantly helped me keep a check on my allergies and has had a calming effect on my skin. It has also improved the quality of my skin. My diet has brought me to my ideal weight and has helped me look and feel healthy. I am also happy with the fact that additional food items are gradually introduced , so I can easily monitor my allergies.

I shall definitely stick to this diet so that I continue benefitting.

Thank you





Disclaimer : *Clients following this program on average loose 1 - 2 kgs per week. Restrictions apply. Results may vary from person to person