FOOD n MORE... Health solutions! has been specially created to help everyone out there to come out of this viscious circle of Diet and myths.

OBJECTIVE: To help people get a clear insight of Food, Nutrition and the scientific effect it has on our health overall.

I have always believed in the science of using FOOD as a healer, medicine, a precautionary tool for lot of ailments. To elaborate, the whole affair is as simple as going back to our roots, when simple nutritious food was the best reason for Good optimum health.

We still use the terminology in almost every household around the globe, that is; 'Grandma's food, Grandma's age old traditional recipe and Grandma's home remedies is to be never missed..

Years and decades have passed on to give us new lifestyles which has brought in drastic changes in our eating patterns. We now have Quick, Easy, Palatable ready to eat options, which is usually followed by a series of one or more lifestyle related health disorders.
Also the genetic factors contribute largely to these conditions. As a result, for instance,if you already have a genetic history of blood pressure or diabetes and you have been following an erratic unhealthy eating schedule with absolutely no physical activity, you are bound to develop the same disorders and additional ones too. On the contrary, if you are actually leading a fairly healthy schedule, you can always make sure that you may not suffer from the same.

A combination of simple nutritious food in the right balance of Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fat , Vitamins and Minerals coupled with some mild exercises, will definitely restore good health, enhance energy and boost your immune system to help you attain a sound body and mind.

There's more to Food than just eating and relishing.
The positive and negative effects it creates on our bodies both internally and externally are definitely to be given a thought..

There's always contradictions like,  "we have just one life, eat to the fullest and enjoy". True! Though somewhere down the line, it's a reality check for us , when the alarm buzzes....and one fine morning, you wake up to realize -

1.   Fat all over and around you
2.   Blood sugar levels imbalanced
3.   Cholesterol-Triglycerides higher
4.   Normal blood pressure triggered
5.   Normal Thyroid levels fluctuated
6.   Inflammation and swelling in the feet and toes: Gout
7.   Kidneys overloaded with toxins
8.   Constipation-leading to overall uneasiness of body and mind
9.   Hyper acidity leading to Ulcers, milder and severe grades
10. Liver toxified.



Disclaimer : *Clients following this program on average loose 1 - 2 kgs per week. Restrictions apply. Results may vary from person to person