I am a member of the Indian Dietetic Association past 20+ years and it gives me immense happiness and contentment to share my experiences, studies, knowledge and information related to Nutrition and Dietetics.
The science and dynamics of Food and Nutrition always captivated me and drove me to study and understand the whole intricacies of it in a more in-depth manner. It was the basic quest to know, that when nature has provided us with so many natural resources in abundance, then why not make use of it to the best we can. The broader explanation I give here is, If we can treat or heal our body with the most basic element i.e.; Food which is used to fuel our body for its basic functions ,then why do we have to resort to any other means or remedies to make it healthy and disease free. Or rather, why not equip our body in the best possible manner to nourish it with what nature has blessed us with and thereby avoid so many health conditions which predispose to major illnesses and succumb us to both physical and mental turmoil.
Afterall, ‘A sound mind in a sound body’ is what we all want and strive to attain.

I quote an age-old adage by the famous Hippocrates which goes, “Let Food be thy Medicine and let Medicine be thy Food“

The quote says it all, as I elaborated it in my earlier paragraph.

We have the raw form of Food and Natural herbs and spices, in so much abundance in nature. It’s just making proper utilization of it, as and when required. Not overdoing and under doing it and sticking to ‘moderation’ which is the key. We can avoid and prevent all the health issues that set in due to the wrong eating practices and methods.

Of course, this is not something which is achieved in a day or two, but it requires consistency and discipline in our day to day schedule. One of the major factors that I keep reiterating to my clients and patients. The cycle which needs to be a repetitive process and eventually which leads to a sound healthy lifestyle.
Eat –Move -Sleep -Repeat is the mantra.

I have always encouraged my clients/ patients to have and develop a holistic approach to their Health. As its not just about feeding the body with Food, but eating the ‘right kind’ of Food that will not just keep the body and its biological system functioning well, but also boost and nourish the mental health and spiritual wellbeing. Physical activity of any form being of utmost important, whether it’s your Aerobic or Anaerobic exercises.

‘Yoga’, which something the world vouches for is a very effective and beneficial form of physical activity that deals with all the aspects of our health making it holistic.

“We eat to live and not live to eat”. This is so true and apt and would be best, if applied by all of us.


A combination of nutritious wholesome meals combined with mild exercises and informative beneficial domestic tips just from your kitchen shelf, is what compiles FOODNMORE...Health solutions ...!!!

Disclaimer : *Clients following this program on average loose 1 - 2 kgs per week. Restrictions apply. Results may vary from person to person