Priya Nair,

We have been reading volumes on Food, Diet and Lifestyle. A lot has been written, and said over a decade and more on the various aspects of Food, Fads, Diet, conditions caused by Diet imbalances etc.

To sum it up, we have By and Large, succumbed ourselves to the overrated version of Food, Nutrition, Diet, Weight loss!  And the word 'Diet' does not remain a simple word today, as it is meant to be.

In short, it just zeroes down to nothing but "weight loss" and "Dieting" that is nothing but 'fasting' or 'Eating nothing', for a larger percentage of people. Across my entire journey, rather career, as a Clinical Dietician and Nutritionist, I have come across people with this predominant mindset.
Following the bandwagon, without knowing the pros and cons it is a more serious affair and eventually leads to numerous health hazards.

Most of the times, as social beings, we associate Food with social gatherings, festivals, official meetings, outdoor trips, Business affairs etc etc.FOOD ultimately becomes the major focus and the center of attraction.the menus, the spread, The presentation adds to the entire highlight. For all these social do's, nothing less than a rich, elaborate, exquisite variety of cuisine from around the globe is settled for... No one expects Healthy, Bland, Boring menus for such occassions. Problem rings in only when these become a routine and one has no choice, but to be a part of it and gradually fall prey to many reverse health conditons.

A combination of nutritious wholesome meals combined with mild exercises and informative beneficial domestic tips just from your kitchen shelf, is what compiles FOODNMORE...Health solutions ...!!!

Disclaimer : *Clients following this program on average loose 1 - 2 kgs per week. Restrictions apply. Results may vary from person to person